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Here are a few of my interests.

bulletAmateur Radio- Since I have been disabled and home most of the time, I have really gotten interested in and enjoyed talking on the radio
bulletOMISS Net
bulletFootball- I really enjoy watching a good football game. I watch the Tennessee Vols and the Ole' Miss Rebels, but I prefer pro football to college. Since I live in Tennessee, I have to be a fan of the Tennessee Titans, but my favorite team (don't laugh too much) is the Chicago Bears.
bulletTennessee Titans
bulletChicago Bears
bulletLocal Events- I try to keep current on the events that are happening in my area.
bulletUnion City Daily Messenger
bulletLocal Weather- I try to keel a close watch on the weather so I will know whether to put an umbrella over my antenna.
bullet Intellicast Radar From Memphis
bulletDogs- My daughter and I are animal lovers. We have an Italian Greyhound named "Snoopy Doo".
bulletAKC American Kennel Club
bulletUltimate IGs Italian Greyhounds
bulletItalian Greyhound Club of America
bulletShopping And Daydreaming- I enjoy looking at the new radios and wishing I could afford one (as if I would know how to use it).
bulletMemphis Amateur Electronics
bulletUniversal Radio Sales
bulletAES Amateur Electronics Sales

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