Heather has her Technician License!!


She went to Trenton to the EOC on 04June, 2005 and passed her Technician Class test. Here are a couple of pictures of her operating on Field Day. She is planning on upgrading to General as soon as she can find someone who knows CW well enough to teach her (I would be ashamed for anyone to listen to me trying to do it).



**It has been way too long since I have updated this page. Heather is now happily married to a very fine young man, David Wall, and they have two handsome sons. Mason is 5 years old, and Killion is 7 months old. Heather is working for State Farm Insurance Co., and working on becoming an agent. If you have any questions about insurance, or would just like to get some prices, give her a call. She will be glad to get to talk to you (don't know where she gets that from) about it.



Heather And Miss Rose

Heather, N4SIS, and Miss Rose, W9DHD, working the HF Phone station.


Heather and some Ugly Man

Heather, N4SIS, was doing good on the phone station before some UGLY creature, W4RB, crawled up beside her! Now you know where she gets her good looks from!